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Zoom iQ5 Stereo Microphone for iOS

You have your new iPhone and love the upgraded camera that allows you to take much better quality videos than ever before.  The only part of the video that is still lacking is the audio.  Capturing good audio quality to go along with great video is essential if you plan to distribute, store or edit the video for personal or public viewing.  The Zoom iQ5 Stereo Microphone plugs right in to the lighting connector of the iOS device and provides excellent audio capture.  Records in stereo with a left and right channel. The microphone works with the standard iOS video app and third-party apps to achieve crisp stereo audio.  The mic can also vastly improve stand alone audio recordings with the free Zoom Handy Recorder App.  Use it to record all types of events where audio is paramount.  The iQ5 can help by limiting the gain and automatically adjusting to prevent distortion.  The Zoom iQ5 also incorporates Mid Side technique with  90 degrees and 120 degrees.  This technique has been used for years in studio and concert recordings and can make your iOS device record like professional equipment.  Video quality gets all the attention during the product unveiling, but in the real world, audio is as important and with more and more people using smartphones to capture life events, it is imperative that a good stereo audio recording is part of that.