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Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

A Wireless Scanner Mouse that does what is claims to do.  With dual functionality, the Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse could be a great addition to a crowded workspace.  Replace the regular mouse with the Zcan scanner mouse and now you have a powerful method to organize, improve and save time with out adding to the limited space available.  The power comes from its ability to scan virtually anything and send it to a computer or tablet.  The technology is possible thanks to very advanced software and proven scanning technology.

Imagine scanning paper documents and transferring them to be edited instantly by using your mouse and not a cumbersome tabletop scanner.  How about scanning invoices. We all know that saving paper receipts for accounting or service, return issues is very impractical and is never done 100%.  We can never find that particular receipt we need.  Scanning the receipts and storing them digitally is a much better solution as they become searchable when ever they are needed.  The best thing is, that all of this is done wireless and effortless. Just by moving the mouse in a zig-zag motion and watch how, like magic, the image appears in your screen.  The software handles the hard part of recognising text and numbers using advanced OCR that can be translated to 199 languages with the help from Google translate.  Zcan Wireless can read you the newspaper, magazines or books.

The scanner mouse has a built-in rechargeable battery which really expands how it can be used.  Take it anywhere and scan anything from photos to restaurant menus.  What this scanner mouse does is put in our hands the ability to finally go all digital with our documents and stop us from procrastinating and actually scan the documents.  Kudos to the talented team from Design to Innovation that worked hard and the results proves their determination.

Now a closed project from indiegogo, the Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse is a reality and is in the pre-order stage.  

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