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X1 Water Bike

X1 Water Bike is a new bike that’s human-powered and made for the water.  The X1 creates a new fun way of traveling the waters and opens  new markets for Watercraft and outdoor recreation retailers, Hotels + Resorts, Bike Rental & Adventure Tour Operators to offer this unique ride to many water sports aficionados.  It is constructed out of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, a proprietary propulsion and steering system, and rugged, inflatable pontoons that allow for easy transport, assembly and breakdown.   It can go in reverse. The X1 can fit into the trunk of a car or home closet. The X1 is designed and made in California and is available online directly from Schiller Sports, Inc.


  •  Iconic design language
  •  Hard anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum
  •  Maximum conversion of energy to propulsion
  •  Pure rotary motion. No right angle gears
  •  Fast, and can reach speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour, depending on rider ability
  •  Safe and stable
  •  Easy assembly and knock down
  •  Compact footprint – fits in car trunk or home closet
  •  Intuitive UX
  •  Rugged, inflatable 2-chamber pontoons
  •  Modular architecture
  •  LED lighting
  •  Variety of color options
  •  Weight is approximately 45 pounds
  •  One of the only bikes in the world that can go in reverse


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