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Walkera Tali H500 Professional Drone

The Walkera Tali H500 Professional Drone is the latest addition to the ever-growing consumer drone market.  The Walkera Tali H500 Professional Drone comes equipped with avery conceivable feature to be used in all possible needs, but it is designed and excels in aerial photography.  What makes it exceptional for this purpose is the 3 axis, 360 degrees gimbal.  This one is packaged with an iLook+ FPV video camera, but can also accommodate a GoPro 3.  Preprogrammed with  multiple flight modes and one that is indispensable; the  return-to-home function.  The aircraft autonomously returns to and land at the take-off location when the return-to-home function is activated.  If the drone strays beyond radio range, the aircraft will autonomously return to the take-off location.  Flight time is up to 25 minutes

The H500 comes standard with 5400 milli-amps-hour 6S battery, providing you up to 25-30 minutes of flight time. This gives you sufficient time to survey a site, shoot a movie scene or conduct a virtual tour.  The transmitter is an incredible design that incorporates a 5 inch LCD capable of receiving video images in real-time from the drone.  The telemetry function provides GPS data (altitude, distance, coordinates), 3 battery voltage monitoring, 4 temperature monitoring and more in real-time. Package Included: 1 x TALI H500 Hexrcopter 1 x Devo F12E 12CH FPV Transmitter 1 x iLook+ Camera 1 x G-3D 3 Axis Gimbal 1 x Charger 1 x Battery.