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Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer

Voice recognition grocery list organizer that will magnetically stick to your refrigerator and help you keep tabs on all the grocery items that run out and provides a printed list.  We all have been through this; you want to eat cereal in the morning and find out there is no more milk.  With the voice recognition organizer you can just say “milk” in to the list organizer and it will add it to the need to buy list.  Keep adding items and when it is time to go grocery shopping hit the print button and out comes a list with all the items you entered via voice.  Items can be anything from foods to beauty products.  There are over 2,500 items recognized and new ones can be added.  Items can also be deleted by using menu and arrow keys.  Do you have coupons for items?  Items can even be flagged with a coupon icon to remind you when at the check out line.  As you keep adding items, they are grouped by category, which is great once it prints the list because it saves a lot of time when going through aisles in the supermarket.  So as an example; all items under produce will be together and finding them in one shot will definitely improve your shopping experience.

The organizer can also keep an errands list for printing, such as “Bank”, “Car wash”, “Cleaners”, etc.  This is a new model with improved voice recognition and includes a way to train the device for better adaptation to your voice.  The device does not use ink to print.  Printing is accomplished using thermal paper similar to the type used by retail stores for receipts.  One thing of note, the magnets will not stick to stainless steel refrigerators and you may need to use the wall mounting option.  The device is powered by two AA batteries.