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Top 10 Cool Salt and Pepper Shakers

We take Salt and Pepper shakers for granted, we use them almost every day and they supply an important part in the enjoyment of the food we eat to the benefit of our taste buds.  These are items that are normally passed around at the dinner table and everyone sees.  Instead of the regular restaurant type shakers we are used to, why don’t we give these items the respect and importance they deserve by giving them style and coolness and in return they will jumpstart conversations during the passing around ritual.
Below are the top 10 cool looking designs that stand out from the rest.  Some are plain funny, others are part of our cultural history and of course, we have the functional ones.  No matter what style you prefer, you will agree that these are great Salt and Pepper shakers.  What’s your favorite? Do you know of a great Salt and Pepper shaker that should be included in our cool product listings?  Please let us know and suggest it to us.


Black Ants Salt Pepper Shakers

Everyone knows that ants love sugar.  Here they play a different role as the worker ants they are, they bring you salt and pepper.  This pair can be brought to your next picnic and enjoy showing the real ants who is boss.


  • Salt & pepper shaker set whimsical ant design
  • Made of earthenware
  • Hand painted design; hand wash shakers with warm, soapy water
  • Packaged in acetate gift box
  • By boston warehouse – creative ideas for home entertaining


STAR WARS R2-D2 and R2-Q5

Star Wars Salt Pepper Shakers

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you will love these salt and pepper shakers.  Made to resemble R2-D2 (Salt) and R2-Q5 (Pepper), they will be your constant kitchen companions.   Your friends and family will also love to have them around. These Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers can be part of your family for years to come and is your very own piece of one of the greatest movie series in history as they are Star Wars Officially Licensed. We know that we love R2-D2 the most, but take it easy on the salt!  –





Superheroes Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. It features Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman & Robin heroes from DC Comics . Magnetic inserts invisibly hold the two shakers together.  $70.56


  • Licensed designs and images
  • High quality ceramic design
  • Functional and decorative item
  • A great collector’s gift
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe



Retro Microphones Salt & Pepper Shaker

For those aspiring singers now you can grab the microphone but this time it will be to spice your food.  Go ahead and pass around the microphone.  –





We all love salt and pepper, but sometimes, the shakers they are in are loved even more.  This minimalist design is made of high quality stainless steel and are set on an Acacia wood base in a criss-cross form.  This is a unique product that brings sophistication and appeal to a table setting.  The no flash design is of the same type Apple products are based and one that Steve Jobs would have approved.  Once it needs a refill, an included funnel makes it easy to accomplish.  –


  • Modern design salt and pepper set
  • Cylindrical vessels made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • Durable Acacia wood base
  • Slots in base are designed so salt and peppers criss cross, adding visual appeal
  • Comes with small funnel to fill shakers



This D Batteries Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is a nice design.  They look like real D size batteries and have similar markings and warnings, such as polarity and fire hazard.  Very close resemblance to Duracell branded design.   There is a see-trough lever slot that shows the level of salt or pepper.  The salt shaker has a blue design and the pepper shaker is red.  –


  • This set includes a salt and pepper shaker.
  • Each shaker is made from plastic.
  • These D-sized battery shaped shakers are a fun way to pass salt and pepper around the table.
  • A window on each shaker shows its “charge”.
  • Each shaker dispenses from the positive post on the battery.
  • Life like d cell replicas




What more can represent the perpetual opposites of salt and pepper than an angel and devil shakers.  This set is on of the most requested and maybe for good reason, as people want to express their two sides.  This set is made in Germany and is of high quality.  $14.26


  • Devil and angel, red/white salt and pepper set
  • Manufactured without the use of softening agents
  • Melamine and BPA Free
  • Koziol has brought creative designs to millions of homes
  • 100-Percent German Made





Ever tried shaking a hand grenade?  Now you can have your chance every day with this grenade salt and pepper shaker set.  Put them on the dinner table and your guests will stair and can’t wait touch them.  –


  • Make meal times go with a bang with these very stylish designer Hand Grenade Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • We’re sure your food tastes just fine, but add that taste explosion with proper seasoning using these attractive Hand Grenade salt and pepper shakers
  • Produced from quality porcelain.
  • White grenade for salt & black grenade for pepper. Salt and pepper not included. Size: 2.4″



PORKIN’ PIGS salt and Pepper Shakers

Funny salt and pepper shaker gives a new meaning to piggyback ride.  Put this on your kitchen table and watch the giggles start.  This ceramic set is a functional salt and pepper shaker.  Will you have the heart to separate these two?  $10.99


  • Creative force behind an exclusive line of high-quality novelty items.
  • Our specialty is an assortment of humorous products.
  • Targeting practical jokers of all ages.
  • We design and produce our line exclusively to satisfy.



Magic Wands Salt and Pepper Shakers

This one is just pure genius.  Sprinkle some fairy dust using a magic wand.  The usual white for salt and black for pepper.  People will always smile when they see you sprinkle using the magic wand.  Pass it around and share the magic.  $13.79


  • This set includes a salt and pepper shaker.
  • Each shaker is made of ABS plastic.
  • These wand-shaped shakers are a fun way to pass salt and pepper around the table.
  • Each shaker dispenses salt or pepper with a wave of the wand.
  • The shakers are packaged in a clear plastic display box.