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Tile App, Locate anything

This Tile is going to be a success.  It is very small and can be attached to anything or hang from your key chain.  The tile is not available at this time and the app is only available for iOS devices right now, but you can purchase one right now and be one of the first to get it.  According to the developers Tile will ship Winter 2013/14.  If you tiled item is lost or stolen, it can communicate with other tiles from friends and transmit its location.

Locate anything with Tile. It has never been easier to find your keys.  Just attach, stick or drop your Tile into any item you might lose: laptops, wallets, keys, guitars, bikes—you name it. Then get on with the fun.

Keeping track

of stuff on the go

The Tile App on your phone makes it easy to find your Tile(s) anywhere, anytime.

  • More is better

    Use Tile on as many things as you want.
    Add up to 10 Tiles on an account.

  • Share with people you trust

    You can share access to Tiles with friends,
    family, and trusted coworkers.

  • Take that, couch cushions

    Tiles will sound an alert if triggered.
    If you can hear it, you can find it.

  • The last place seen

    The Tile app remembers where it last saw your Tile, so you can easily find it right where you left it.