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TABI- The Tablet Holder and Hanger

Tabi, the tablet holder and hanger that is extremely functional and it is one of those products that evokes the perpetual; “Why didn’t I think of that?” It is so simple, yet versatile. The holder uses a velcro strap; that tightens the hold while supplying an area to insert your hand and support it. The hanger function is what rally takes it to next level. We are using tablets more and more and in all different situations and places. The makers of Tabi came up with a solution that accommodates virtually all of them. The tablet can be hanged of course, basically where ever you want it.

The hook resembles a clothe hanger, which is the idea behind Tabi. The tablet can hang from ropes, nails, cabinet handles, you name it. This solves a lot of the drawbacks that regular tablet holders suffer from. You have to adjust yourself to the limitations of the regular tablet holders. No more bending your head all the time to see videos in your kitchen, bye bye to holding the iPad in your hands or lap in the car. Yes, the car. Each headrest has two perfectly good places to hang your tablet and rear passengers can enjoy a hands free ride. The body or metal grip is flexible which allows it to be bend the hook and turn it into kick stand.

Tabi’s details are as follows: Tabi is basically made of two parts, the actual metal grip covered in silicone that grabs the tablet securely from top and bottom and an elastic fabric that connects both ends. The final design actually looks like person with arms, feet and a head which makes a very marketable product. Tabi is available in many colors; sixteen colors for the metal grip and different designs for the fabric.

Tabi is a project and you know how much we love croudfunding projects.  So please head over to and to learn more and make a pledge to get your own Tabi.