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Suckling Pigs USB Hub

Suckling Pigs USB Hub is so adorable that we had to include it here.  After staring at it for a while it became so obvious that a hub definitely looks like it is feeding small USB sticks.  We give kudos to the person that came up with this idea. One wonders why pigs were chosen, but if anyone sees real piglets suckling, they will understand why. Definitely it is a novelty item and will bring a  smile to anyone who sees it.  Besides all the adorable stuff, there is also a technical details behind this thing.  As a HUB it is no different that the countless ordinary looking types out there.  However, the three piglets are actually card readers and not memory drives and take micro-SD cards.  Of course, you can connect any other USB device to the HUB, but will you have the heart to separate them from Mama pig?