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Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker

We all have lost our keys, the TV remote and countless other items.  Now with the help of Stick-N-Find Bluetooth trackers and a smartphone you can find those keys, luggage, electronics and more using a free radar app to locate lost items with your smartphone Track up to 20 items at once within 100 foot range. The trackers are about the size of a quarter and you can stick them just about anywhere.  The app works with iOS smartphones and tablets and select Android devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy and running Android 4.1 or greater.  You can use Stick-N-Find trackers to monitor the locations of up to 20 objects. You can use the app to get alerts if an object moves away more than the selected distance from your phone, or get notifications when your desired item comes in range again.  This comes perfect for when you’re waiting for luggage at the baggage claim. You can even attach them to kids and always keep them in your radar.