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Starry Station – Touchscreen WiFi Router

Starry Station brings state of the art performance and ease of use. With super-fast WiFi and helpful feedback that can tell you when there’s an issue and how to fix it.  The smart router that is touchscreen and actually helps you resolve issues.  The fact that is looks sexy as hell also helps a lot.  This could be the Nest of routers.  An app is also include to help you manage many features such as parental controls.


  • The touchscreen router that makes fast WiFi easy to use and set up
  • Fast home WiFi: Better gaming, streaming and surfing.Compatibility:Works with video streamers, PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and other WiFi devices; NAT, DHCP, PPPoE and IPv4
  • Easy WiFi Parental Controls: Block usage on certain devices with just one tap
  • Never Wait On Hold: Request a call directly from the touchscreen or message via the app
  • Automatic Updates: Overnight updates deliver new and improved product features
  • Know Your Speed: Auto speed checks powered by let you know if you get the level of internet service you pay for
  • Works with all internet providers, modems and service types (cable, DSL, fiber, etc.); WPA2 Encryption