The Skully AR-1 Smart motorcycle helmet attempts to change the design and functionality of a protective device like a helmet to the next level. For a long time the only advancements is helmet design has been in the material and aerodynamic areas. Now a new dimension has been added; Situational awareness. With a heads-up display, rearview camera and GPS navigation, the Skully smart helmet, definitely is a leap forward. The display shows a rear view camera feed with a near 180 degree viewing angle. This view not only shows what is behind the rider, but also the side blind spots. The helmet includes Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone for such things as streaming music, hands free-calling and internet access. The helmet can also receive updates. The onboard GPS system includes embedded maps with traffic and the ability to be updated. All of these great advanced features require a long lasting battery to be effective and the battery life target is 9 hours of continuous use and recharged using a USB charger.

Safety is the main focus of this helmet. However, there is no denying that the look and style is very appealing.  This smart motorcycle helmet brings us a step closer to the countless super smart helmets seen in futuristic movies. The future is here: The SKULLY AR-1 helmet is available through pre-order through Indiegogo. The helmet will ship in 2015.