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SEATYLOCK- Bicycle Saddle & Lock

Seatylock, a bicycle saddle and Lock that reimagined the way you safeguard your bicycle. Up until now, the common way of locking your bike to prevent theft has been the lock and chain method. This method is effective to prevent bike theft, however, it does not prevent the seat from being stolen and you have to carry a heavy and cumbersome chain and lock. With this new bicycle saddle lock you no longer need to carry a separate bike lock or worry about saddle theft. Adapting the Seatylock to a standard bicycle is very easy with a universal adaptor. This is a Kickstarter project and as of now all it takes to get one is a starting pledge of $75 or more. However, the Seatylock will eventually retail for $129 and it will come in two forms; Seatylock Trekking & Seatylock Comfort. Each of these is geared towards different riding use. There will also be a variety of designs, styles and colors as well.

This a product that can actually improve and give freedom to bike riders everywhere.  The safety of your bike should not depend on an external product that must be carried and remembered.  The Seatylock becomes part of the bicycle and protects it like your door lock protects your home.  Keeping your bicycle protected should be second nature and not the main concern.  That is what freedom to ride is all about.  This is a great product and we hope our friends at Seatylock patented this thing, because there are a lot bicycle owners all over the world that will love to adapt this to their bikes, especially in China, where in 2009 there where 9 million bicycles stolen in the city of Beijing alone.

The Seatylock now has a live website:

As of this writing, the alloted quantity for the $75 has sold out. The next pledge level is $85 which includes different colors and options.

SSEATYLOCK- Bicycle Saddle & Lock Seat