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Ritot – Projection Watch

Ritot projection watch is a new crowdfunding project at indiegogo that promises a sleek armband style bluetooth watch that displays all types of data on your wrist. So far there is only iPhone app support. A wireless charging base will come packaged in the final shipping product. Some of the features included are: vibrating notifications, messages and alerts, Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist.

Update: It seems that the Ritot Projection Watch project is in doubt as the people behind this are not what they seem to be.  Multiple reports have now surfaced were this product is considered a fake and impossible.  Get more info in this article at the nextweb.

Incoming Caller ID
Text messages
Reminders, meetings
Calendar Alerts
Facebook Messages
Weather Alerts
Silent vibrating alarm and timer
Notifications for any other Apps
You can set notifications in the special Ritot App for your phone. All notifications are easy to set, turn on and off.
Ritot has special projection technology which allows using them at day and night.

• You may change the projection color in one click. There are more than 20 colors available.
• There are two ways to activate projection: you may touch the button or just shake your hand.
• The projection disappears automatically in 10 seconds.
• Waterproof.