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Personal Ceramic Heater

With the cold winter on the way, portable heaters are an essential item to stay warm in areas not served by central or whole room heaters.  However, sometimes having a heater in public areas or small offices is impractical.  The Lasko personal ceramic heater solves that problem by keeping the size of the heater to a measly 6.1 inch high by 4.3″ wide . The MyHeat heater does the job by concentrating the warmth to the area you are in.  Portable heaters in home offices get continual use, so choosing an energy-efficient model is important. Using only 200 watts, the Lasko ceramic heater is four times less wasteful than a coffee maker. The ceramic heater is safer than many regular heaters and maintains a cool temperature to the outside casing.  Small enough to take with you, this small heater can help make the cold winter a comfortable one.