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$ 199.00

OM/ONE levitating bluetooth speaker

This is an example of a product that pushes the boundaries of industrial design and functionality.  The OM/ONE is a bluetooth speaker that levitates on top of an accompanying base.   Designed by a team of  industrial designers and audio engineers and initially introduced as a croudfunding project, it is now a real product and available for purchase.  The beauty behind the OM/ONE is the incredible feat of floating in mid-air and it still is be able to produce great sound.  The rotating ORB like speaker floats by using a magnetic base and is able to pair to another OM/ONE speaker and produce stereo sound.  Connect your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 and use your favorite streaming music service or use its speakerphone feature to make voice calls.  The built-in lithium-ion battery gives the OM/ONE  up to 15 hours of continuous play.  This is the type of product that will capture the attention of any one that sees it, but after the initial reaction, the speaker shines with good audio quality to back up its stunning design.