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NEPTUNE Pine Smartwatch

The Neptune Pine smartwatch was once a Kickstarter project.  However, it is now available and it comes fully loaded.  This is a stand alone smartphone with its own sim card slot and can place and receive calls.  This an Android Jelly Bean based watch but does not come loaded with Google Play.  Of course, savvy users can install the Google Play store and install apps just as a phone.  The first thing you are going to notice is the size of the screen.  The amazingly big 2.4 inch screen is bigger than any watch on the market, sporting Gorilla glass for durability and attempts to deliver real touch functionality with a full QWERTY keyboard.  The watch is actually removable from the armband and can be used to take pictures from the rear camera.  There is also a front camera for self pictures and both have an LED flash.  Neptune includes all the up to date features you would expect from smartwatch; GPS Pedometer Compass Gyroscope & Accelerometer and all the standard connectivity technologies.  Android fans with Apple watch envy now have a new toy that offers features not available in the newly announced Apple watch.  See the video below for a closer look to see the Neptune in action.