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Navdy- Head-up Display for the Car

Digital Overhead Displays, you have seen them in the movies and in advanced military jets. Now your car is ready to be upgraded with this technology also. Navdy, is the over head display for the car that is made for us, it will help us drive safer and actually get more connected to information we crave. Shipping in early 2015 for $299, this small dashboard mounted device incorporates a dual core processor running Android 4.4 complete with WiFi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor and a 5.1″ transparent head-up display.  Navigation is done right, with driving directions projected in front of you while you keep your eyes on the road ahead. When a call comes in, the navigation stays on and makes room for the incoming call. Navdy is compatible with both Android and iPhone and can send spoken commands to them using Google Now or Siri. When a notification comes in, you have the option to use hand gestures to accept or deny.

An head-up display is only as good as the information it displays and Navdy excels in this regard.  Displaying information about your car such as your current speed, RPM or fuel economy. Text messages and other notifications from your phone.  Playing, pausing, and skipping music streaming from your phone all from a driver’s field of view which appears to float outside of the windshield.  There is no need to buy an expensive new car that may incorporate some type of overhead display.  Just get Navdy and adapt it to the car you own now.  Requirements are simple; most cars built after 1996 have the port needed to connect and power the display.  The future is here.