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Midnight Scoop – New Ice Scream Scooper

The ice scream scooper has not changed shape in decades and we have accustomed ourselves to the expectation that scooping ice scream can sometimes be a challenging ordeal.  Now comes new entrepreneurial blood to reinvent the forgotten ice scream scoop. Michael Chou, an engineer from Michigan, put a lot thought and hard work into designing an all new way of scooping the ice scream.  The Midnight Scoop, the ingenious design that really changes everything, incorporates a curved end handle, which allows to dig in and scoop by using the palm of your hand.  By using your palm instead of your wrist, you are putting body weight behind it.  This makes it very easy, from kids to the elderly to serve themselves without any help.  Now let’s talk about the scoop itself.  Designed like a knife cuts through butter, the scoop is also designed to ease the effort and to get the expected ice cream curl that we all love.

Now that you have read all the good accolades about the new ice scream scooper that all of us ice scream lovers will surely love to get, there is one small problem.  Michael needs your help. This is a Kisckstarter project and although at the time of this writing, the project had surpassed the original pledge goal, I will tell you that $17,500 does not even begin to cover all the expenses to start a production run. Production is expected to start by the end of December 2014  So lets all get behind this and bring our love for ice scream to the 21st century.
Get over to midnightscoop.com via the link on this page. You can pledge from $2 and above, but to get your chance in getting your very own Midnight Scoop, the pledge starts at $35

Some of the features:
  • Hot-Forged From Solid 6061 Aluminum Multiple Industrial-Strength Coatings
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Laser Engraved Logo


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