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Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

If there ever was a product that could save your life, this is it.  The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is a must have for any one that ventures out to the outdoors or anyone that wants to be prepared for the inevitable.  Water is a precious resource and when it is contaminated, the health hazards are many.  From bacteria, parasites to chemicals, all can be found in any natural or man-made water reservoirs and being able to drink from them when there is no other choice is definitely a survival must.  This award-winning filter is portable and can be carried where ever you go.  Put it in your carry on bags and forget it.  When the time comes that you may need it, you will be glad you have it.

The filter works by filtering through the use of hollow-fiber membranes, which are small enough to let water pass but not the contaminants. The life span for the filter is about 264 gallons of use, as the pores will eventually become clogged and the flow will stop. Using is as easy as inserting the LifeStraw directly in to the water, or  scooping water with a container and inserting the filter.  One thin of note; the filter when new, needs to be primed by letting it soak in water for 30 seconds.  Do not let the water reach the mouth piece. The Lifestraw has been saving lives all over the world for years, but was not until recently introduced to the US.  Have one or more of this amazing life saving product in survival kit.  Disaster can happen at any moment and drinking water is always the fist thing  that becomes scarce. This product has also surpassed the EPA standards and has been independently verified by such highly regarded institutions as the University of Arizona.