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LED Lighted Transparent Skateboard

LED Lighted Transparent Skateboard is a stand out that will bring a lot of attention when seen.  Does not matter if you ride it during the day or at night, the LED Lighted Transparent Skateboard still looks awesome as it is made of transparent polycarbonate.  Thanks to that design, the LED lighting disperses throughout the board to cover it in colorful bright light.  Riding this board at night is a magical experience.


  • LED’s are powered by a 9-volt battery that is easily replaced
  • Translucent wheels that soak up the light
  • Blinged out with Flexdex Trucks & ABEC5 Racing bearings for smooth riding
  • The board’s rails are gently beveled allowing for great sense of where the deck edge lies beneath your feet
  • Deck material has vibration absorption coupled with the soft risers in the back