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LED Lighted Slippers helps you walk around at night when you get up from your bed and walk around your house in the dark. Perfect when you need that bathroom trip and do not want to wake your spouse. Powered by bright LEDs that light your way in the dark and reveal 20′ to 25′ area. It’s like having night lights on your feet! Ideal for night-time trips to the bathroom, kitchen or kid’s room. Use the Bright Feet Lighted Slippers during power outages to locate emergency supplies. Weight sensors in the sole alert the Stop ‘n’ Go sensor in your Bright Feet Slippers to activate.



  • Bright LEDs reveal 20′ to 25′ area
  • Non-skid soles provide safety both at night and during day
  • Lights angle upward for best projection
  • Delayed shut-off of lights for safe return to bed
  • Cotton terry upper provides for comfort in addition to safety