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Leapfrog LeapTV Active Video Game System

Leapfrog’s LeapTV educational active video game system borrows features from the Wii and the Xbox Kinnect and combines them into one system that is directed towards kids ages 3 to 8.   The LeapTV is ideal for younger kids that are not yet ready for the advanced games systems and is a great starter game system. LeapTV provides many ways to interact as the gameplay consists of three types: The classic hand controller, pointing the controller at the screen and body motion with the included motion camera.  All of these different ways to play, bring fun and learning for kids.  There are many games available from Leapfrog that help kids learn reading, mathematics, science and problem solving skills.  Kids that cannot read yet can use the audio instructions in LeapTV games. Games can also be downloaded via the Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to the internet.  To keep safety first, browsing the internet is not allowed.   Parents can also be more relaxed with the content that is available with leapfrog games.