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JIBO, The World’s First Family Robot

JIBO, The World’s First Family Robot is bringing us closer to the dream of having our own personal robot.  This is an indiegogo.com campaign that asked for $100,000 to get it off the ground, but actually reached over $900,000 in crowdfunding.  This is no toy as the project is headed by very smart people such as founder and CEO; Dr. Cynthia Breazeal a Pioneer of Social Robotics and MIT Professor, former employees from great companies such as Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Nuance and iRobot.  Lets say there is a lot of brain power behind this project.
Measuring at about 11 inches tall and weighing approximately 6 pounds, JIBO is conveniently small to be everywhere. Go see more about JIBO in the video below.
JIBO family robot