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HAVEN: New Super Strong Smart Door Lock

One of the worst fears any family can have is a break and entering in their home.  We all have seen the news on TV and after watching the news report you made sure your doors where securely locked and went to sleep.  What if we tell you that feeling of security is not based in reality as doors locks can be opened with clever techniques that are being used by very bad people.   One such incident happened to a cofounder of a new startup company that wants to change this trend.  Inspired by the break-in, a new type of lock was born, one that uses the strength of your house to prevent doors from being forced opened.  The new lock is called Haven and is smarter than all the other locks.  The lock is actually placed at the bottom of the floor, right next to the door.  The door can open and close normally, but when Haven is activated it raises a wedge that makes it virtually impossible to open.  The lock is strong as it is made of steel, glass reinforced nylon and aluminum and is able to communicate with smartphones and wearable devices.  This means that the lock can be operated wirelessly using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  There are also sensors built-in that can detect when substantial force it being applied.  Like other smart locks in the market, Haven can also supply digital keys to allow other individuals entrance.  Keyless entry is also achieved via a key fob which is handy if your smartphone is not available.  However, Haven lock is also designed to connect to other smart devices and can even trigger lights to turn on.

This is a Kickstarter funded initiative and depending on the monetary support the project achieves, so will the additional features.  Such features include:  A/C power, audible alerts, gesture controls using a wearable device and a base station that supports the established home automation wireless protocols, such as Z-wave and Zigbee which are already in consumer devices such as Logitech remotes.  One notable feature is Apple HomeKit integration with is a new and exciting home automation system from Apple that now is supported in the latest iOS updates. For other formats there is support for the Nest Developer program.  The Nest smart Thermostat has changed the thermostat for ever and now it can communicate to more and more home appliances and devices.  All of this technical details may not mean much to the average consumer, however, what it means is that the Haven lock is at the leading edge in this technology and will help us maintain a safe and secure home by integrating it with the devices we use every day.  After reading everything so far you may have wondered; what happens in the event that the system malfunctions?  Well, thankfully the Haven team has come up with solutions.  Haven has redundant battery and communication backups and the locking wedge can be released mechanically by pressing a foot plate.

One small caveat is where you would place the lock.  Many Hurricane prone states have enacted recent building codes that mandates new homes have the door open out.  This is a small percentage as of now and there are other doors in a home that can definitely use the lock.  Places that have exterior doors open out still have inside doors that open in and it would be very smart to place this lock in one or all bedrooms to be completely safe.  Maybe the smart guys from Haven will come up with a solution for those of you that have the exterior door opening out.

See the video below to see the Haven lock in action and how it sets itself apart from the regular deadbolt we all use.

Like stated above this is a Kickstarter project and it needs your support. Click on the links above to go the Haven Kickstarter page.