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Cutting Board with removable Scrap Bin

Yet another great idea! A cutting board with a removable scrap bin.  Cooking is an art, but the dirty and messy part no one likes.  the cutting board is an essential part of an active kitchen and is where many of those great dishes start.  However, cutting delicious vegetables, poultry and meat always leave scraps and waste that pile on at the corners of your cutting board leaving very little cutting space.  This cutting board resolves the problem by adding a scrap bin where all waste is dropped while the cutting is being done.  When the bin is filled or the cutting is finished, you just remove the bin and empty it in the trash.  The bin is designed to overlap the counter and maintain a level surface for the cutting board. The seal between the board and bin is tight to ensure that liquid does not fall on the floor.  The cutting board is dishwasher safe and collapses so that it can be stored in tight places.