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Cubee: Illuminated Instagram Photo Cube

Most of us will remember our family having a cubed photo display some time or another and in many cases it became an heirloom as time went on and people got older.  This treasured device is coming to the information age.  Sharing photos today has become as easy as a click of a button using your favorite smart device and any of the social service websites.  Somewhere along the way, this has become an online ritual and many of our older family members have been left behind. We are losing the warmth and personal relationships when the physical transforms in to the digital domain.  We are too far into the online social sharing age to go back.  Cubee, The Illuminating Instagram Photo Cube tries to bring both worlds together.  The online photo sharing world with something you can touch, give as gift or place in your home for all to see.

The idea behind this is not that complicated; you build a cube and insert photos on all five seeable sides.  What makes Cubee special is the service behind it. You connect to your Instagram account through the Cubee website and select any five photos you like.  You can even see a virtual 3D representation of your Cubee before you commit.  Then the good people from Cubee assembles the cube with those photos and ships it to you.  The photos are printed on special Kodak backlit film which are made from durable polyester and are designed to be in backlit displays.  This is another area where Cubee is different, as it is a backlit display.  The center of the cube contains a single 12mm Warm White LED with a 3400K color temperature which is the rating used by professional film photographers for indoor lighting.  The light source is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery and charging is accomplished using a USB cable.  This an awesome idea that will be a hit during family gatherings during the holidays.


How can you get Cubee?  Right now Cubee is a project spearheaded by Justin Anthony Lemus over at Kickstarter and is now open for pledges starting at $25 to be the first to get a Cubee.  Visit for more information and to create your own test Cubee.