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Compact 50-Feet Laser Measure

Every home and workplace has some type of measuring tape as it is a basic tool required for almost every renovation, redesign and general home and work related distance measuring.  The problem has always been that many times it requires two people two effectively measure large distances as the tape is not stable and accurate.  Now Bosh brings us a better solution that requires one person and is extremely accurate.  We are talking laser accurate.   The GML 15 laser measure can measure up to 50 feet and is accurate to 1/8 of an inch.  Measuring is easily done by pressing a button once and pressing again to hold the measurement.  Of course, the regular way that tape measures are carried; clipped to your belt does not apply to the GML 15 as it is compact and can fit in your pocket.  Measuring easier, faster and longer than a regular tape measure this is the only measuring tape you will ever need.