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Click & Grow – Automatic Plant Grower

Click & Grow makes it possible to grow plants without knowing anything about gardening.  Sensors and a microchip do the hard work while you go about your daily life and enjoy the fruits of their labor.   The Smartpot allows for complete automatic care of herbs and flowers.  Basil is one of those herbs that grows rapidly and with no effort and the results are amazing.  However, kits are available for many other plants such as strawberry, tomato, chili pepper and many other herbs and flowers.  The Smartpot only requires batteries and water and the chip does the rest.  Another variation of the Click & Grow system product is the Herb garden. The Herb Garden takes it a step further by adding lighting control using the provided light source.  The pots can be replanted with ready-made kits of your plant liking.  With Click & Grow we can now leave your fear of gardening behind.