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BURG Smartwatch Phone with SIM Card

The BURG Smartwatch Phone with SIM Card is a full fledged smartphone watch.  You can make and receive calls, texts and many of the same features of a smartphone, but without a connection and reliance to one.  However, there is nothing stopping a user from actually connecting it to their smartphone via Bluetooth and use it like any other smart watch on the market.  What makes the Burg smartwatch different, is its capability to be completely independent of a smart phone.  It includes a high quality speaker for conversations and of course, if so desired, you can also connect to a Bluetooth ear piece. Vibration mode will inform you of incoming calls and texts. Texting or dialing from the watch is as easy as doing it from your phone.  The smart part of the watch are all the available apps and digital features that make it exceptional.  Some of the features are: Calendar, Calculator, FM Radio, Multimedia player and recorder.  The actual watch design is aesthetically pleasing.  You get that balance of technology and classic elegant design.  The strap is of the adjustable type.

Smartwatches are now stating to create a whole new industry that is not going away.   integrating phone features was only a matter of time and will accepted by the masses.  It only takes creative companies such as Burg to refine and address this need. This model incorporates USB charging and syncing, compatibility with iOS and Android phones and comes with a SIM card ready to be connected to a wireless network.