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Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

There are many times when your hands are so dirty or filled with residual stuff from the project you are working on that using your hands to get soap becomes tricky.  Behold the automatic touchless soap dispenser.    This product is great for the kitchen and can also be a highly effective helping kids wash their hands.  Kitchen aficionados know a thing or two about safety.  Food contamination is a huge problem that is avoided by washing your hands constantly while touching poultry, meats or fish.  Not being able to touch any other surface when needing to wash your hands becomes paramount.  Powered by batteries and a sensor, the dispenser pumps out liquid soap in just .2 seconds without the need to touch or manually pump the dispenser.  The ease of use is also great for keeping kids hands clean.  The beautiful chrome finish blends in with any decor and always stays clean.  Place it anywhere quick access to soap is needed.