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App-Controlled Smart Baking

Baking does not have to be complicated and getting the recipe right makes all the difference.  The secret to great tasting baked foods is the right proportions of ingredients mixed or added at the right time.  Following a recipe is not as easy as described in those recipe books.  Measuring using cups is not exact and can impact the end result.  With the app controlled smart baking system you are guided step by step and the correct proportions are measured the way bakers do, by weight.  The smart scale is connected to a smartphone or a tablet and prevents you from making a mistake; if you do, it will adjust to achieve the same recipe.  The smart baking app comes with hundreds of recipes or you can create your own.  Another great feature is the capability to filter recipes based on the available ingredients in your pantry.  This is great as it allows for those times when you get inspired to bake and do not want to go to the market to buy ingredients.  The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.