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Anura: The Pocket Drone

Did you ever find your self in a situation that made you say; “I wish I had a drone right now”?  Well, now you can with the Anura Pocket Drone.  Drones are now being developed at a fast pace and it seems every new entry gets bigger and more complicated.  Enter the pocket drone.  Anura is a new drone design that brings portability to a new level.  While small enough to fit in your pocket, the Anura is actually a quad-copter with a camera and is controlled via your smartphone.  The camera can stream video to your smartphone using Wi-Fi.  Some of the features come right out of more expensive drones, like one click return home, auto land, auto take off and follow me.  The flight time is from 12 to 16 minutes and the range is from 60ft to 90ft.